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Durowhite is a mechanically - blended compound of white cement, mineral powder and Specific additives designed to obtain a fine and durable subsurface to receive all kinds of decorative paints. It can replace conventional putty and plaster of Paris (POP) applications.

Durowhite overcomes the shortcomings of conventional putty like film rigidity and water sensivity. It provides excellent adhesion to base plaster with very flexible, water resistant and smooth finish subsurface ready for painting. Durowhite also fills the cracks, undulations and dents on the surface

Durowhite can be applied to any interior and exterior surfaces and is suitable for lightweight concrete blocks and sand cement plastered surfaces. Its non-sag property makes it ideal for overhead (ceiling) application.

Durowhite gives protection, beauty and durability...!

  • Lasting durability does not deteriorate with age
  • Water resistant - resists seepage
  • Good Bonding - Does not peel off
  • Smooth finish - gives extra shine to Paint film
  • Flexible film - flexible and minimizes shrinkage cracks
  • Easy application - ready to use & any painter can apply
  • Vapour Permiable --Releases trapped moisture in the wall

Surface should be properly cured/dampened prior to application of Durowhite. The receiving surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, and free of dust, dirt or any other contaminant, which could impair the natural bond. Base coat should be in level and square to prevent uneven thickness of Durowhite.

Take clean water (15 Liter) in a bucket and add 1 bag (40 kg) of Durowhite powder to it and mix thoroughly for 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to stand for approximately 10 minutes for the chemicals in Durowhite powder to dissolve.

Mix again and now the Durowhite mix is ready for the application.

Use putty knife or steel trowel for the application. Apply the first coat evenly to the substrate with enough pressure to insure tight contact. The first coat should not be more than 1.5 mm in thickness. Cure the surface for 1 day. The second coat is to be applied next day to finish the surface. Moist cure the surface for 2 days.

Sand down the surface with 220/300 number sand paper. Sanding is required to remove unevenness in the Durowhite applied surface. Remove the dust and then start applying paint.

Durowhite Specification
Color: White

Binder: White Cement

Filler: Mineral Powder

Chemicals: Water soluble powder chemicals to improve consistency, workability, water retentivity and substrate adhesion

Coverage: 600 sq ft to 800 sq ft per coat per 40 kg bag depending on coat thickness

Coat Thickness: 0.5 - 3 mm per coat depending on the texture of the substrates

Consumption: Approximately 1.2kg/sq.meter/mm

Potlife: 1 Hour

Adhesion: >.8 N/sq meter

Water Demand: 15 Ltrs per 40 kg bag or 7.5 ltrs per 20 kg bag or 0.35 water powder ration

Shelflife: 6 months if stored in a dry place

Application tool: Putty knife/Steel putty trowel/spray machine

Not to exceed coat thickness beyond 3 mm per coat. Extra thickness can cause shrinkage and check cracking.

Health & Safety:
Non-hazardous. In case of Eye contact, wash with plenty of water.

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